They tried

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Level 1

Tyler is trying to say that Donald Glover dropped a dope album but people are sleeping on it.

Level 2

For the uninitiated, Tyler is no stranger to coarse language. He also has a history of expressing himself in opposite.

Level 3

Tyler does not actually think that Donald is a “dickfuck.” Tyler means the opposite.

Level 4

About a year ago, Tyler arranged a surprise performance by Drake. The audience in attendance was not receptive of Drake’s performance.

The subtext of this tweet is Tyler speaking to his fans.

Tyler relates to Donald because they both did “cryptic” things that their fans didn’t appreciate.

Level 5

News outlets published the narrative that Tyler was actually mad at Donald.

Source one and two.

Level 6

Once again, Tyler is being cryptic.

Once again, Tyler falls flat.

Instead of trying to explain himself, Tyler understandably deleted the above tweet in order to mitigate damage.

Level 7

From the above, you may choose to justify the conclusion that both Tyler and Donald had good intensions and were just misunderstood by the masses. They tried.

Level 8

I would be remiss not to take this opportunity to further highlight that people missed out on some really cool shit, to me at least.

Written on December 15, 2020