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Bad decisions are bound to happen. How bad decisions are created means everything.


“No one is perfect.”

When it comes to an individual making a decision, faults and weaknesses are expected.

Think about this from the perspective of an engineering manager. Would they ever let an engineer design and implement an entire feature without any input from the rest of the team?


“All for one and one for all.”

If the group makes the decision together, the outcome is always tolerated.

Think about the importance of group decisions when it comes to things like: architecture proposals, code reviews, testing and verification.

In other words

Why would you let one person make such an important decision without any input from the rest of the team?

My recommendation

Make more decisions democratically.

Democracy is something you need to further implement in your workplace. If you doubt this, leave it up to a democratic poll:

“Would our company benefit from additional democratic decision making processes?”

You must address this problem at its root cause, otherwise you risk a recurrent controversy.

(See also: Sociocracy)

Written on May 10, 2021