No sound

In this post I unpack my interpretation of lyrics from the second verse of 42.26.

Level 1

More or less, 42.26 is identical to Feels Like Summer, which was released in 2018.

If you have not listened to the song, or you need a refresher, here is a link to the music video.

Level 2.A

The film Guava Island was released in 2019. Feels Like Summer is part of its soundtrack.

The film is centered around conflict between Deni (Donald Glover, “free thinker”) and Red Cargo (corporate interests, “the establishment”).

Level 2.B

Fast forward to the end of the film. After Deni’s organization of workers through song, he is assassinated.

Level 3

Throughout the film there is a caged bird. This bird is analogous to Deni. The bird is found dead at the end of the film.

Level 4

Back to 42.26 / Feels Like Summer. Here are the lyrics to unpack:

Birds were made for singing.
Waking up to no sound.
No sound.

Level 5

Donald is referencing the bird in Guava Island.

Level 6

Right after Donald sings these lyrics, the verse ends in silence. No sound.

Level 7

Donald is referencing the future (from the perspective of Feels Like Summer).

Donald is referencing the past (from the perspective of 42.26).

Level 8

In my understanding, I have developed the following conclusion:

If you threaten corporate interests, your voice will be suppressed.
If the effort to suppress your voice fails, you will be killed.

Level 9

From various justifications (not discussed here), you may reach the conclusion that corporate interests suppressed both Guava Island and 03.15.20 from receiving the recognition they deserve.

Level 10

In this regard, Donald’s art is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Level 11

I know you know the pain.
I’m hoping this world would change.
But it just stays the same.

Written on January 25, 2021