I'm almost here


12.38 is the beginning of a story expressed through both lyrics and song.

A simple example of this is at 14:12. Donald says:

Nah. I’ll put on the radio, though.

Shortly after, you can hear the radio phase in.

Pt. 1

Early in the track Donald ingests some psilocybin mushrooms.

Ayy, I don’t know what psilocybin is.
This better not be no molly.

Halfway through the song, Donald’s partner tells him:

Let’s go outside.
You wanna be outside for this.

And so they both venture outside.

Pt. 2

While they walk they discuss their relationship. By the end of the conversation, Donald is having an existential crisis.

Pt. 3

Analyzing the song form, something irregular happens towards the end: the groove repeats more than expected.

The listener anticipates that the song will end. (For the story to be resolved). Defying expectations, the song continues to go on. (No resolution is reached)

This is done on purpose. This is an artistic statement.

By 18.42, the drugs are really starting to kick in. Donald’s thoughts are spiraling and he is rushing home for safety.

In other words, Donald is tripping balls.

I’m almost here

Written on February 9, 2021